About Simpson Studios

Simpson Studios is a recording studio that started in the garage of Kyle Simpson’s home in 2004. Like any business, things were slow at first, but took off after several nonstop years of marketing and word of mouth. As the years have gone on and technology continued to change and become more affordable, Kyle began to work with clients directly from their home on the skeleton of their music, instead of the artist coming into the studio. He found that the artist performed their music better in the comfort of their own home, instead of being out of their element in an unfamiliar and intimidating recording studio. The artists send Kyle their stems, and allow him to add his “ear candy” and sound to the music how he see fit. This began a new business strategy for Simpson Studios, thus creating a more networked or “Skype” recording studio and production company. Recently, Simpson Studios relocated to Minnesota, but continues to be busy as ever, networking and producing artists and bands from across the United States.

What is Skype Production?

Imagine being in your own home and having your very own producer on call to help you as you begin to lay out the skeleton of your song. Your producer is streaming via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or any other chat streaming service, and he/she is guiding you every step of the way as if they were sitting right next to you. This gives the musician the ability to have more freedom in their writing, along with the ability to write from the comfort of their own home instead of the stresses of sitting in a studio, while still getting professional advice from their producer along the way. Now that just about anyone can afford a recording rig for their home, this now opens doors to many new possibilities for production options and abilities.